I've been all amped up this week with new ideas and ants in my pants to change a bunch of things. There's a scene in an old episode of Father Ted where Ted & Dougal have to clean the house themselves and they stand up all throwing shapes and punching the air, but don't know how to start -- and that's sort of how I feel: I'm full of gusto, but I'm not quite equipped to get going yet.

For instance, things are getting pretty desperate in the ole wardrobe: Everything is suddenly too big for me and, while I'm happy about that, I'm having a hard time separating wants versus needs. ( I suppose knickers and jeans that don't feel like nappies would be a good place to start. Ugh, but I really want to buy a pretty hat!!) And I'm in a similar space with my apartment; I finally have clear ideas about things I want to do, but am now coming to grips with practical realities and pacing.

You know, you work so hard to get to a place where you're emotionally ready to make a bunch of decisions and then you realize, oh it's not just about my emotional readiness. I need to save money and think about practical things and all that. And I know this is basic being-a-grownup stuff, but sometimes I'm just impatient and want to do everything at once (yes, I have my Veruca Salt moments, don't we all?!)

But the weekend is here and that's always a good time to settle down and have a glass of wine (or a smoothie treat!), enjoy the end of summer and calm my scrappy zeal.

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Horses Atelier F/W

Ahh! So excited for a new collection from my favourite Toronto label, Horses Atelier. I've had amazing luck with their pieces in the past, and these looks are so on point for me right now. I'm really feeling this mix of emerald green and aqua on a black background, with some strong textures thrown in for extra oomph!

Joseph F/W

Before I immigrated to Canada (more than 13 years ago now!) I splurged at Brown Thomas on a really basic Joseph top. Charcoal, scoop neck and long-sleeve, it was perfect for layering. That top is proof positive that sometimes a "splurge" turns out to be a saving, because it's still in my closet today and I still wear it beneath sweaters and dresses - very much as I imagined wearing it when I bought it.

When I moved to Canada, I was sad Joseph didn't have much a presence here. It had always been one of those brands that I felt was realistically aspired to. But, in recent years, the brand has had a resurgence that's put it back on my radar. And it's interesting how loyal I still am because of that one top and because of the way I used to run my hands over pieces I couldn't afford when I was in university.

Their fall collection is full of beautiful enveloping knits, shearling vests and clean tailoring that just makes me feel warm and cocoon-y just looking at them in a way that feels ultimately luxurious.

Rue Mag / Meagan Donegan

I love this home belonging to Heidi Caillier, spotted in Rue Magazine. But what caught my eye most was the gorgeous artwork in the bedroom by Meagan Donegan.

Love that sheep! Over on Meagan's portfolio, I found a lot more to love.