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I was a typical youngster insofar as my earliest instincts were to rebel against what was local and familiar. I was surrounded by Irish country charm, patina, woollens and aged layers. So, naturally, I fantasized about crisp, clean-lined minimalism. The first designer I loved was Giorgio Armani. The first interior designer I knew by name was Kelly Hoppen.

I suppose it's why The Holiday is among favourite Nancy Meyers movie from a design perspective. I love the polarity of Kate and Cameron's homes. But I also love thinking about how each would change were either to permanently switch continents as part of their "ever after". The transatlantic design tryst is one close to my heart and I've probably spent a decade vacillating and finally reconciling my Irish roots with my love of clean minimalism.

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I still love a simple and elegant modernity. But I've found a way to make a home of it. I'll pile in books, accessories, plants and abundant florals. Hand me any of these rooms and I'll clutter the b'Jaysus out of them with objects story-telling and highly personal. And this is all a long way of saying that it may surprise you, but I'm completely smitten with Restoration Hardware's new line Modern. I'm usually one to scorn their epic catalogues, but I want this one. Some favourite pieces above!

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Sunday best: So sudden, so cold

It got so cold so suddenly and I really wasn't ready for it. I went for a run in the ravine last night and it all got me down; how suddenly autumnal the hedgerows are (albeit beautiful), how glum the light was, the sharp bite of the air. I just wanted a few weeks of golden light, and hope still we get a reprieve.

I made fine use of the cold, though, and did some painting at home. And in the evening I watched The Clouds of Sils Maria, which I loved. Juliette Binoche is a favourite. There are a few things on the go right now and I always fumble my way through transitions. I like either side of change but never the motion itself. So today I'll just try to settle myself for the week to come.

Hope you have a good Sunday!

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I'm wearing cable knit today, with elbow patches, so I suppose it's truly fall. Summer has too quickly become a will-o'-the-wisp memory. And there are ornamental pumpkins on my table and cozy things in my mailbox each night, evidence of spreeing that transitional seasons seem to beg for.

My weekend will include some painting (of walls) and getting my hair done, which is a rote indulgence I look forward to each time. I'll crack the spine on a new book and try to find the mood to watch something on Netflix that I saved to watch until the mood is right.

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Happy weekend!

Rita Konig

I still buy Domino whenever there's a new issue, mostly trying to relive some of the magic of the original magazine. Much of that magic came from Rita Konig, so I'm very happy she has gathered her interiors up in her new website. Some of these spaces are still my go-to inspiration shots when I'm rethinking my interiors. And it's not so much that I see myself copying design elements or furniture choices as that looking at these spaces makes me see my own space differently, more daringly. She also inspire me to reconcile rather than choose between my modern and classical instincts. And I love how she (like Ben Pentreath) makes formal elements light and fun, and colour choices seem such a happy-go-lucky endeavour. Here are some of my favourites, but you should visit Rita's site here. You can also read her past articles, so much good advice here.