Just some links.

- On repeat: Days of roses
- Zadie Smith, Leanne Shapton and Georges Simenon in a new Five Dials
- Contortions
- A letter Beckett wrote the year I was born
- I love it when these two bits of home land in my mail (there's a special St. Patrick's Day offer!)

Happy weekend!


  1. Just wanted to say sorry that it sounds like things are tough for you right now.

  2. May your weekend be joyful and bright, Jane! Thanks for sharing that amazing song.

    1. Thanks Natalie (it's by Tom Waits, but I love the Lisa Hannigan cover)

  3. ooh, I love Lisa Hannigan! and what a great track. And it's so hard to get great lit mags from other countries sometimes, so those will no doubt be some very enjoyable reads!

  4. Thank you so much for The Five Dials link Jane - it was good to read an extract of NW by Zadie Smith. I just read the Embassy of Cambodia; it is simple, haunting and full of dark humour. She makes every word count. I was in a bit of a fug when I picked it up and was well rewarded for reading it. Happy weekend to you too. Margaret

  5. Thank you for introducing me to Five Dials. I'm only on Frequently Asked Questions and already enjoying myself.

  6. I love days of roses... just beautiful !


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