The wolf

I saw a wolf once, walking along the road somewhere between the Columbia Icefield and Lake Louise in winter's depth. We were driving south, having driven all day, stopping only to make photographs. Coupled ravens had followed us up to the icefield, but not back.

We had reached the point when our cameras were spent, our hands heavy from lifting them, the turn of lenses, the pull of advance levers. That mechanical ka-chunk filling the whiteness of silence and snow. So we just pulled over and watched the wolf, nonchalant, making his way down the highway.

He didn’t look at us. I strained for the moment to be something it wasn’t. A moment when when my eyes met wildness and something magical transpired between us. A standoff. Something. The wolf didn’t give a damn what I wanted, and kept up his casual purpose, just as ours waned and we headed home.

And like so many unrecorded and wordless memories, this one has grown. The idea of him and of our crossing paths as something that held more than it did. A deeper significance, a filling presence. But, really, he was a wolf walking down the road. We were a couple driving the same direction. And nothing stopped for us.


  1. What a lovely piece of writing Jane. Maybe if meaning creeps into things gradually, and doesn't lessen an experience if it wasn't there before. It certainly sounds like a beautiful memory.

  2. Beautiful writing about your experience.

  3. I really enjoyed this Jane. Thank you :)

  4. Beautiful, touching and poetic. I revive some moments from the past this way, they become an irresistible excuse to remember with nostalgia even the saddest experiences.

  5. There is immense power in your writing. I felt when I read this that all sound around me was quashed. It reads like a poem. It feels like a poem. You may not have found a deeper significance in it. But maybe the significance lies in all that it didn't add up to. Like in a picture - so often what is left out, or in a film - what is left unsaid, often make for something so much more powerful. Maybe I'm reading too much into it all too. But hey - a wolf - now that is still pretty freakin' cool :)



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